My goal in our therapy sessions is to provide a safe space to share your personal narrative, figure out new ways to approach old patterns and set goals so we can track change and growth. You will feel supported, listened to and understood -- the cornerstones of all good therapy and relationships.

In sessions, we'll build upon knowledge about your experience and explore what makes you tick, expand empathy for yourself and others and see you as an ever evolving, dynamic individual. Along the way, we'll explore how feelings of anxiety and depression impact your overall well being and work to develop ways to manage and transform these feelings. Anxiety, depression and other negative emotions are not permanent states, although they can feel like it. Often they signal that something within needs attention, expression and compassion.

Our work together will provide you with skills to see yourself in new ways so you can feel confident in facing the day to day challenges of being a living, breathing and engaged person with yourself and the world around you.