Therapy can seem like a mysterious process. You sit in a small, dimly lit room and open up to a complete stranger about your most profound experiences. Then what? You hope this complete stranger doesn't think you're crazy or wonder if you're the reason the word "psycho" is in the word psychotherapy.

I don't see therapy seeking as crazy or psycho or anything pathological. In fact, those beliefs are exactly why more people don't seek therapy. I see therapy as a pathway to deeper understanding about yourself and as a way to adjust, grow and heal from the challenges we face in life.

This "mysterious" process becomes less so when we open ourselves to the exploration of our experiences and make meaning of them in a caring, collaborative and supportive environment. 

I've worked as a therapist for over a decade in various settings across the NYC area. No matter where I've been, from Rikers Island to Weill Cornell Medical College, I've been struck by people's innate desire for growth, change and self understanding. Without support and guidance, this can be hard to initiate and maintain. That's where therapy can help. On this site, you'll learn how we'll work together to track your growth, understand how your experiences shape you, and make change that lasts.